Diamond Bar(钻石吧)核心区精致韩国餐厅新鲜上市,店主诚意转让

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位置:1381 S. Diamond Bar Blvd. Diamond Bar, CA 91765

面积:约1300 sqft,精致韩餐堂食与厨房,干净整洁

租金:$3600/Mon (包水+CAM+垃圾)


交付标准:全部生意,含设备,家私一次性转让 “AS IS”

Location: 1381 S. Diamond Bar Blvd. Diamond Bar, CA 91765
Area: About 1300 sqft, exquisite Korean restaurant, and kitchen, clean and tidy
Rent: $3600/Mon (including Water+CAM+Garbage)
Lease period: more than 5 years + 5 years Option
Delivery standard: All business, including equipment, and furniture,  transfer “AS IS”


位于钻石吧的核心区,Grand Ave与Diamond Bar Blvd交汇口,区位优势明显。辐射罗兰岗,钻石吧,核桃市与Pomona,是洛杉矶东区华人聚集区,这个区域的中,日,韩及泰餐极受欢迎。停车位充足,营业时间无限制。

Restaurant highlights:
Located in the core area of Diamond Bar, at the intersection of Grand Ave and Diamond Bar Blvd, the location advantage is obvious. Radiant Rowland Heights, Diamond Bar, Walnut, and Pomona are the Chinese gathering areas on the East Side of Los Angeles. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai food in this area is very popular. There is ample parking and unlimited hours of operation.


At present, the restaurant is in normal operation, the customer source is sufficient and stable, and the monthly cash flow is stable between 15,000 and 20,000 US dollars. It can take into account both dine-in and take-out. The super high customer satisfaction and return rate are especially attractive to the surrounding Koreans and customers. Chinese diners.


The dine-in seats in the restaurant can accommodate 40-50 people. The owner spent $70,000 on new decorations in the past two years. The design style is very Korean. The current owner is an authentic Korean. The restaurant can meet the layout of multiple restaurant formats such as characteristic Korean food, milk tea shops, small hot pots, barbecues, etc. The back kitchen is spacious and bright, with reasonable moving lines, multiple storage rooms and spaces, and convenient parking and access in the backyard.






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The transfer fee is quoted at $79,800, which is negotiable and can be negotiated after viewing the store.
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